Wisconsin Senator Wants the Marketplace to Support Ethanol

Source: By NAFB • Posted: Monday, November 29, 2021

Ethanol Pumps

(KMAland) — The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced it was further-delaying the announcement of Renewable Volume Obligations for refiners under the Renewable Fuel Standard. Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson says he would rather see the marketplace generate support for ethanol rather than government policy.

“I think ethanol needs to prove itself in the marketplace. And I’ve always told people I’m not going to pull the rug out from people that invest in ethanol plants. But at this point in time, you’ve had enough of a government catalyst for ethanol production, so let the markets take care of that. I don’t really support increased funding rates or forced type of use on this thing, but I’m happy to support the marketplace.”

The high cost of energy is being propelled in part by inflation pressure.

“You need to be concerned about overall inflation and the overall price of energy, and let the market sort out the best types of energy to be produced and be utilized, and that’s how it’s happening right now. The Biden administration’s all for green energy. Green Energy is not reliable, it costs a whole lot more than fossil fuels, the rest of the world continues to use coal and fossil fuels, so these are self-inflicted wounds. These high energy prices, and it has not just high gasoline prices, high energy prices affect every good.”

The rising cost of energy is also being propelled by White House policies.

“Every good, at a minimum, is transported in some way, shape, or form, and it takes energy to transport goods. So again, it’s a massive problem. It’s all interconnected. But, when your policies drive up the price of energy, you create these types of economic issues.”