Valero announces ‘mass layoffs’ near Jefferson

Source: By Steve Sharp, Jefferson County Union • Posted: Thursday, October 7, 2021

 Valero’s massive ethanol production facility — the former Ladish Malt structure visible from State Highway 26 north of Jefferson — will experience a layoff of 61 of its 68 employees in the coming days, according to a letter from Valero to the state’s Department of Workforce Development. “We are writing to inform you that we will have a mass layoff at the Valero Services Inc. facility (near Johnson Creek),” said Martin Parrish, senior vice president of alternative energy and project development at San Antonio-based Valero. Parrish said the planned workforce reduction is due to the continued idling of the facility, which originally was Ladish’s malting plant that served Miller Brewing Co. in Milwaukee for decades by railroad line. “(The mass layoff) is expected to be indefinite, unless, and until, market conditions significantly improve and is expected to impact 61 of 68 employees at the facility,” Parrish said.