USDA Crop progress: Corn harvest at 42%, soybeans at 62%

Source: By Bob Burgdorfer, Farm Futures • Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2015

Corn stays at 68% good/excellent; soybeans stay at 64% in USDA crop progress report.

Corn harvest advanced 15 points in a week to 42% done as of Sunday, while the soybean harvest was up 20 points to 62%, USDA’s weekly crop report said.

Winter wheat planting reached 64% and emergence 33%, compared with 66% and 41% a year ago and respective 66% and 36% averages.

The 42% corn harvest pace was 1 point less than what Farm Futures’ forecast, while soybeans at 62% were 1 point better.

Corn’s condition stayed at 68% good to excellent and soybeans stayed at 64%.

Iowa’s corn harvest was at 29%, ahead last year’s 9% but behind the 38% average, Soybean harvest  there reached 65%, versus 35% a year ago and the 64% average . Illinois corn was 71% harvested and soybeans also were at 71%, compared with the respective averages of 59% and 53%.

“Statewide there were 6.8 days suitable for fieldwork, the most days suitable for fieldwork this season,” Iowa said.

In Kansas, winter wheat planting advanced to 69%, compared with 65% a year ago and the 70%. Topsoil moisture declined to 47% adequate to surplus from 51% a week ago.

Nationally, sorghum was 51% harvested versus 40% a year ago and the 44% average. The crop improved 1 point to 66% good to excellent.

Cotton was 22% harvested and 89% had bolls open versus the 25% and 84% averages. The crop slipped 1 points to 47% good/excellent.

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