Urban Air Initiative launches public awareness website

Source: By Urban Air Initative • Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 Urban Air Initiative launches public awareness website.There’s a problem with the air we’re all breathing and it stems from what’s in our gasoline.  It’s something that’s too small to see, but too big to ignore.
The Urban Air Initiative unveils a new website, www.fixourfuel.comto explain why we need to clean up the way gasoline is blended. The website takes a story like approach to make a complicated subject easier to understand.Right now, toxic compounds called aromatics are in our gasoline to provide your car an octane boost.  However that boost is hurting your health.  Aromatics, such as benzene come out of the tailpipe as invisible, odorless ultrafine particles (UFP’s).  These UFP’s have been linked to ailments from lung cancer and stroke, to birth defects and developmental disorders in children.

Under the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is required to remove these aromatics from gasoline, but not enough is being done.  There are cleaner and cheaper options available, such as mid-level blends of ethanol.  These mid-level blends will reduce toxic aromatics and UFP’s.

You can help make a difference.  Go to www.fixourfuel.com to learn about the problem with our gasoline.  There you can also fill out a form asking the EPA to make the changes needed to improve the air we breathe.