United makes historic investment in sustainable fuel

Source: By Lorraine Woellert, Politico • Posted: Thursday, September 9, 2021

 United Airlines Inc. will buy 1.5 billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel over the next 20 years as part of an investment aimed at scaling up production of low- or zero-carbon jet fuel. The purchase agreement — part of a deal between the airline, Honeywell International Inc. and clean-technology startup Alder Fuels — is one and half times the size of all current global sustainable fuel purchase commitments combined, United said Thursday, and is the largest publicly announced agreement on record. Low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel must be transported by truck and blended with conventional fossil fuel. But Alder’s technology allows sustainable fuel to be pumped directly into pipelines and used as a stand-alone fuel, said Lauren Riley, United’s managing director of environmental affairs and sustainability.