U.S. Energy Secretary supports expanded ethanol use to reduce carbon

Source: By Urban Air Initiative • Posted: Thursday, May 12, 2016

As you know from following UAI, we truly believe higher ethanol blends can make a difference in all of our lives. Ethanol can improve fuel quality, protect public health, and reduce our use of petroleum.
Last year, during the RFS hearings we called on the Obama Administration to Tear Down that Wall. Well, the cracks are beginning to appear as his own Cabinet Members are now recognizing the potential of higher blends like E30.
This week, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz acknowledged in a free wheeling interview with the Des Moines Register that ethanol, both from corn and cellulosic feedstocks, can make a significant contribution to the national effort to reduce carbon. Specifically, he noted that efficiency improvements with corn ethanol make it at least 20% less carbon intensive than gasoline.
He called for more flex fuel vehicles and stated that the extensive work done by the Department of Energy indicates the optimum blend may be 30% ethanol.
“I personally feel that we need to have more flex-fuel vehicles that can, in fact, use different mixes of petroleum-based fuels and alcohol-based fuels.
There’s no technology miracle needed. We know how to do it. We know it’s not very expensive,” said Secretary Moniz.
We believe this is another positive step forward as UAI continues to work on ways to establish mid-level blends as a safe, legal, low carbon fuel choice in flex and non-flex vehicles, which ultimately leads to cleaner air.