Two Nebraska ethanol plants to be idled for now

Source: Omaha World Herald • Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RAVENNA, Neb. — The Abengoa Bioenergy ethanol plants in Ravenna and York, Neb., are facing temporary shutdowns.

Chris Standlee, Abengoa executive vice president, said the shutdowns are the result of an unfavorable ethanol market.

“We’ve had an unusually unfavorable market for a fairly long period of time,” Standlee said. “In the last year or two in the ethanol industry, a lot of plants have either done temporary shutdowns or slowdowns. It’s a difficult market.”

Standlee said the company has made no plans about staffing at this point. He said market conditions will dictate how long the plants are shut down.

Standlee said the company intends to maintain the Ravenna and York plants for short-term operations if the market continues to be unfavorable to long-term ethanol production.