The Renewable Fuels Association wants the EPA to stop ‘kicking the can’

Source: By RFDTV • Posted: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

We are hearing from the Renewable Fuels Association about a recent Supreme Court decision in favor of the EPA. The court gave the agency an extra month to respond to a petition seeking a review of small refinery waiver exemptions.

Additionally, the agency says that it likely will not have the 2021 volume obligations ready by the November 30th deadline.

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper says that this basically gives refiners a pass to seek more waivers, since they can claim they did not know how much ethanol they would be required to blend.

“It just sort of makes us think that the EPA is wanting to further delay and further ‘kick the can’ on making any decisions on the 2021 RFS volume requirements, and ‘kick the can’ on making any decisions on the 35 pending small refinery exemption petitions that are sitting at the agency,” Cooper states

The EPA also claims RIN prices are out of control, but Cooper says that prices have firmed up, sitting between 50 to 60 cents now, compared to highs of around 80 cents to a dollar.