South Dakota Candidate for Governor Says She Would Mandate E30 for State Vehicles

Source: By Michael Schneider, OPIS • Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2018

South Dakota Republican gubernatorial candidate Kristi Noem said Tuesday that if elected, she would mandate the use of E30 in the state’s fleet of vehicles.

“It is common sense that we should use E30 in our state vehicles,” Noem said at an event marking Glacial Lakes Energy’s 10th anniversary.

“If given a chance to be governor, I will put forward a policy that our state vehicles are run on E30, but it’s not just going to stop with that,” she added.
“I really believe that our state can be an example to the nation. We can challenge other states to do the same.”

Noem said that she is “grateful” that former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is no longer in the post, adding that he “was very damaging in giving refineries waivers.”

“I’ve asked the president if he would reallocate those RINs (Renewable Identification Numbers) so that ethanol can get used up and drive up our market prices,” she said.

Noem indicated that there needs to be more advocacy for ethanol.

“Big Oil has huge influence in this country,” she said, “and if we are going to go out and get consumers, then we as a people need to push it forward.”

Noem, who has represented South Dakota in the U.S. House of Representatives, announced earlier this year that she would leave Congress to run for governor.