Siouxland Ethanol expansion improves energy efficiency

Source: By Ty Rushing, Sioux City Journal • Posted: Monday, July 17, 2017

JACKSON, Neb. — Siouxland Ethanol reports that the performance of its MSW Energy Recovery or MER project for its first month of operation exceeded expectations.

The natural gas usage for the month of June was lowered by 17.8 percent, from 23,200 BTU’s per gallon to 19,058 BTU’s per gallon. This exceeds the performance guarantee from MSW Consulting Inc. of a 15 percent reduction in natural gas usage. This will result in nearly $1 million in savings on an annualized basis. Siouxland Ethanol expects additional reductions in natural gas usage and cost savings by further optimizing the MER system to its operation.

Pam Miller, board chair and Director of Industry and Investor Relations for Siouxland Ethanol, noted this project made the plant more energy efficient and extremely environmentally friendly and “green.”

MSW Consulting Inc. is the design-build engineering firm that developed the MER project and Siouxland Ethanol is the first ethanol plant in the country to install it.