Ricketts: Local study shows cars can use higher blends of E30 with no harm to vehicle, performance

Source: By KETV Staff Report • Posted: Monday, March 8, 2021

Gov. Pete Ricketts held a news conference Monday morning.

To begin, Ricketts announced that 519,000 Nebraskans have been vaccinated so far.

“We have 38% of our hospital beds available right now, 40% of our ICU beds and 80% of our ventilators. So we have robust hospital capacity. Over the weekend I think we’re down to about 136 hospitalizations right now we’re at 142. That’s the same level we were at in the July, early August timeframe,” he said.

He quickly announced that Nebraska started a E30 test in 2019. E30 is blend of regular gasoline and 30% ethanol.

Ricketts said this demo is an important step in certifying higher levels of ethanol and reducing emissions.

Around 50 state vehicles were monitoring using it over one year. University of Nebraska Lincoln tracked the data.

Roger Berry, with the Nebraska Ethanol Board, said that the vehicles running on E30 have “worked perfectly.” Berry said more ethanol means less emissions from vehicles, bringing down greenhouse gases.

“Today, our nation faces crucial task faces that are very crucial task of lowering greenhouse gases in our atmosphere,” he said. “It is critical that we immediately start reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our transportation sector. Since ethanol, as the governor mentioned earlier, it has great properties of eliminating those greenhouse gases, and a lot of the other solutions that go along with straight gasoline. It is essential that we begin to use higher blends because the more ethanol we use in our fuel, the greater it decreases, those emissions that come out of our cars.”

Ricketts said the study shows conventional vehicles can use higher blends of E30 with no harm to vehicle or performance. He said the vehicles involved had the same CO emissions as electric cars.