Rick Perry, Terry Branstad love each other’s work

Source: Written by Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register • Posted: Sunday, March 2, 2014

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, both Republicans, dedicated their remarks at a reception at Branstad campaign headquarters tonight to talking up each others' accomplishments.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, both Republicans, dedicated their remarks at a reception at Branstad campaign headquarters tonight to talking up each others’ accomplishments. / (Jennifer Jacobs/Des Moines Register)

Rick Perry and Terry Branstad like to make sure everybody knows how much they love the work the other governor is doing.

Of all the possible future presidential candidates who have come to Iowa in the three years since Branstad came out of retirement and reclaimed Terrace Hill, none gushes about him more than Perry, the governor of Texas. And few get the wholehearted, exuberant praise Branstad lavishes on Perry.

Iowas governor has a friendly and deeply respectful relationship with other Republican possible 2016ers, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

But the tattered copy of a Time magazine that Branstad carries around with him has a cover story about the United States of Texas.” He likes to point to facts in the October 2013article and marvel at how Texas is leading the nation in terms of job growth and population growth and a strong diversified economy. He credits Perry for all of that.

Perry — in Iowa for two days of meet-and-greets, news interviews and fundraising — made an appearance at a rally for Polk County-area GOP activists tonight at Branstads re-election campaign headquarters in Urbandale. Branstad introduced Perry as my colleague, a great governor with an outstanding record.

Branstad noted that next to me, Governor Perry has served the longest of the present governors.

And look at those 14 years, Branstad told the audience of about 60. Texas used to be a Democratic state. It aint no more.

Then Perry gave a twice-as-long Branstad-centric speech.

He is the senior governor in this country and what he has done in this state we want to take as example, Perry said of Branstad, who has logged nearly 20 years as Iowas governor.

Perry bragged about what he described as Branstads job-creation skills and his reassuringly predictable regulatory policies.

The future of this country is inextricably intertwined with Republicans like Terry Branstad, Perry said.

Of course all of that gags Iowa Democratic Party activists, who questioned why Branstad would let a very anti-ethanol oil state governor speak at his event.

Rick Perry openly opposes the existence of a minimum wage, doesnt believe Congress should extend unemployment benefits, and has rejected Medicaid expansion that would help more than one million people in his state, Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan said in a statement to reporters. Republicans like Rick Perry and Terry Branstad are letting middle class families fall behind, and this is not the type of economic leadership Iowans need.

At the end of the Terry/Perry event tonight, before the Texan headed to a private fundraiser in downtown Des Moines for a GOP organization, he asked the GOP campaign activists to help Iowa’s governor defeat his Democratic challenger.

I know you think hes got a cakewalk and he probably does, said Perry, who isn’t seeking reelection in Texas, but even if hes 20 points ahead, put the pedal to the metal.

Perry said Branstads performance in this election will impact the U.S. Senate race and elevate a Republican to replace Democratic U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin.I cant even remember back when Harkin wasnt in, Perry said.