RFS fight continues

Source: By Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner • Posted: Sunday, April 26, 2020

Two Ohio cities are joining the calls of several oil states for the EPA to lower biofuels mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard, as refiners struggle with dramatically depressed demand for fuel amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The mayors of Toledo and Oregon asked EPA Administrator Andrew Wheelerin recent letters to lower the requirements for conventional biofuels to below 10% and reduce the advanced biofuels mandate to “no greater than last year’s actual domestic production” of such fuels. The officials say the cost of RFS compliance credits (or RINs) have tripled, adding “hundreds of millions” in compliance costs for refiners already struggling to stay open. (Worth noting: The Ohio mayors’ pleas might have some personal sway for Wheeler, who is from the state.)

Rewind to earlier this week: Ethanol producers say their industry has also been devastated by declines in fuel demand. “The RFS is essential,” Mick Henderson, general manager of Commonwealth Agri-Energy, a 100% farmer-owned ethanol plant in Kentucky, told reporters Monday. “To kick us when we’re down, for oil state governors to throw a letter to the EPA to try to take us offline totally because now is the time to do it, well that hurts.”