RFS backers cry foul over energy price claims

Source: BY MATTHEW CHOI, Politico • Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Nine Republican lawmakers are pressing the White House for a meeting on biofuels policy as the industry awaits the release of the administration’s RVO proposal. South Dakota Sen. John Thune led a letter with fellow midwestern Republicans on Tuesday reiterating a request for a meeting with Biden and others in his Cabinet to discuss the Renewable Fuel Standard. Thune had previously requested a White House meeting on the RFS to no avail.

The senators note they’ve seen reports that the administration has consulted the oil and gas industry on energy concerns, and they cautioned “against attacks that misconstrue” the RFS as the source of rising energy prices. “In reality, the oil industry seeks to protect its market share at the pump, highlighting how expanding consumer choice for higher blends of ethanol will lessen the volume of conventional fuel needed for each vehicle and thus ease the ongoing supply constraint,” they write.