Reynolds credits work between sessions for biofuels access bill success

Source: By Mark Dorenkamp, Brownfield • Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2022

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds credits work between last year and this year’s legislative sessions for getting her Biofuels Access Bill across the finish line.

Speaking to Brownfield Tuesday, Reynolds says they gathered a lot of stakeholder input after the first iteration of her bill fell short a year ago.

“We met with a lot of individuals (because) we wanted to make sure we weren’t impacting our rural retailers as they were a really important component of it. But this is an extremely important industry to the state.”

The legislation makes Iowa the first state in the nation to establish an E15 standard.

“We’re the number one producer of ethanol and biodiesel, and when we have 55 percent of our corn going to ethanol, we want to make sure that we’re sustaining the industry but also providing growth opportunities. And that’s what this bill does.”

Reynolds says she also increased renewable fuel infrastructure funding in her budget to assist smaller retailers.