Renewable fuels face supply challenge

Source: By Willie Vogt, Farm Progress • Posted: Monday, October 10, 2022

For decades farmers have looked to renewable fuels to boost demand for commodity crops. Ethanol has been a solid source of demand and biodiesel is gaining traction. Add in renewable diesel which has support from the petroleum industry and the future looks pretty good. But how good?

Recently CoBank issued a comprehensive look at the renewable fuel industry including ethanol demand and the changing nature of renewable diesel. The report “Renewable Diesel Projected to Turbo Charge Biofuel Growth” kind of says it all. We turned to Ken Zuckerberg, lead economist, CoBank, and author of the report to get more insight into what he found.

And there’s a big challenge to this rising demand for renewable fuels – especially renewable diesel. Zuckerberg discusses that challenge and digs into other factors impacting the renewable fuels market. For farmers, the news is good, since these fuels are building an even stronger base of demand, which he also discusses. Give it a listen.