Q&A: Joe Goffman, acting head of EPA’s air office

Source: By Alex Guillen and Kelsey Tamborrino, Politico • Posted: Monday, June 7, 2021

EPA’s acting air chief, is one of several high-ranking Obama officials who have return to the agency, but he says the Biden administration is more than just Obama 2.0. “We’re working in an administration led by a president who staked a significant amount of his electoral fate on prioritizing climate change and environmental justice and environmental protection in general,” Goffman told POLITICO in a virtual interview on Friday. “…we’re determined to get the [RFS] program back on the schedule. And that means catching up to the [Renewable Volume Obligations] rules through 2022 and expeditiously moving to set the volumes for 2023 and beyond. And we want to do it in a timely way. We want to be really transparent about how we think that through. And of course we want to be responsive to all the key stakeholders. What I just said really is something that the administrator himself has said many, many times already about the program and how he sees it going forward.”