Speeches & Initiatives

4/12/07 – Statement of Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, Chairman, Governors’ Ethanol Coalition before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in Support of the Biofuels for Energy Security and Transportation Act of 2007 (Download Word document)

8/22/06 – Initiative for Illinois’ Plan to Reduce Reliance on Foreign Oil News Release (Download PDF)

8/22/06 – Leading the Way to Energy Independence PowerPoint Presentation (Download PPT)

3/28/06 – Testimony of Kathleen Sebelius Before The House Energy And Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee Regarding Funding for Biofuels (Download PDF)

11/14/05 – Remarks of Governor Tim Pawlenty Keynote Address World Biofuels Symposium-China (Download PDF)

2/9/05 – Policy keynote address by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty to the 10th Annual National Ethanol Conference (Download PDF)

11/14/02 – Keynote address by Missouri Governor Bob Holden, Governors’ Ethanol Coalition Meeting (Download PDF)

7/18/02 – “A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity,” American Coalition for Ethanol keynote address by Nebraska Governor Mike (Download PDF)

7/19/01 – “The Future is Ours,” American Coalition for Ethanol keynote address by Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns (Download PDF)

2/19/01 – Keynote address by Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns, Renewable Fuels Association National Ethanol Conference (Download PDF)

4/11/00 – Testimony of Governor Tom Vilsack before the Senate Agriculture Committee Regarding Ethanol, MTBE and RFG (Download PDF)

2/23/1999 – Speech by Gov. Mike Johanns to National Conference on Ethanol Policy and Marketing (Download PDF)

Proposal-Flex Fuel Pump Marketing Program (2-14-16)