Progress of Biofuels Outlined at Growth Energy Meeting

Source: by Gary Truitt, Hoosier Ag Today • Posted: Monday, March 11, 2013

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis discussed the significant progress the biofuels industry has made despite constant attacks, strategic goals for the upcoming year and how critics are trying to kill renewable energy in his address at the fourth annual Growth Energy Executive Leadership Conference. According to Buis – the most pressing issues moving forward are market access and defending the Renewable Fuel Standard. But he also noted that the past year was one of major notable accomplishments – highlighting the Green Jobs E15 waiver. Buis said the waiver has been successfully upheld in the courts and E15 is now being sold by a number of retail stations. Still – Buis said Big Oil is actively trying to undermine the RFS and prevent E15 from entering the marketplace. He said the biofuels industry has the facts – and at the end of the day – will win the fight.

Buis also talked about the various international trade cases and how the biofuels industry will continue to fight unfair trade practices by Brazil and the European Union. He says Growth Energy will explore all options and possibilities of trade challenges for those who don’t play fair.

According to Buis – the industry has weathered many challenges and other challenges will arise. He said they must never lose sight of the important work the industry does to create jobs, improve the environment and reduce the nation’s dangerous addiction to foreign oil – all while providing consumers with a choice and savings at the pump.