Politico: McCarthy vows to return to statutory RFS levels

Source: By Alex Guillén, Politico • Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2015

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy  told the biofuel industry that the agency would seek to get its Renewable Fuel Standard mandates back to the statutory levels “expeditiously but reasonably.”

“Our goal is the congressional targets. That is where we are supposed to be. And we need to get it back on track now,” McCarthy told a gathering of Growth Energy.
The statutory volumes have been difficult to meet because production of cellulosic biofuel “didn’t progress, I think, at the rate Congress thought it would,” McCarthy said, adding that she nonetheless believes the industry is at a “tipping point.”

McCarthy did not specify how quickly EPA may return to the statutory levels.

EPA proposed setting 2015 levels at 16.3 billion gallons of total biofuels, well below the statutory volumes of 20.5 billion. It also proposed 2016 levels of 17.4 billion gallons, below the 22.3 billion gallons level set by the statute.

McCarthy sidestepped a question about how EPA calculates distribution infrastructure into its RFS formula, saying only that she has heard complaints that it underestimates the scope of the industry and the agency will continue to examine the issue.