Northey Promotes E-15 Ethanol

Source: By WNAX • Posted: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

E-15 blended ethanol has been in the news lately with President Biden making the decision to offer the fuel through the summer on a temporary basis to help lower the rising cost of gasoline.  In addition, governors from eight Midwestern states have written a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency asking for a special waiver allowing E-15 ethanol to be available all year long. Former USDA Under Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey, is a big advocate of the alternative renewable fuel.  Northey, says ethanol has helped stimulate the Midwest economy.

Northey says E-15 ethanol has been a controversial political issue, and he says there isn’t any good reason why it has faced an uphill battle for acceptance.

Northey says he hopes the EPA listens to the Midwesterners advocating for year-long usage of the higher ethanol blend.

Northey says the argument of food versus fuel, pushed by opponents, doesn’t make sense when you consider farmers are able to produce higher corn yields.