NFU says EPA RFS waiver undermines biofuels

Source: By Nebraska Farmers Union • Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2018

The National Farmers Union says a waiver exempting an oil refiner from having to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard undermines the biofuel industry, farm prices and rural economies.

In an exclusive report, Reuters says the Environmental Protection Agency has granted “hardship waivers” to three refinery operations owned by Andeavor. NFU President Roger Johnson called the alleged actions “deeply disturbing,” noting that waiving RFS requirements for large refining corporations undercut the effectiveness of the law. Johnson says hardship waivers “weren’t designed for large corporations who net billions in profit each year.”

The waivers are typically reserved for small operations in danger of going out of business. NFU’s Johnson alleges the waivers “directly contradict” the President’s promises to rural America to support the RFS. Johnson says exempting refiners from RFS compliance “essentially waives away demand for corn” at a time when farmers need to cut into corn oversupply and is “certainly contrary to the intent of the RFS.”