NFU And Renewable Fuel And Other Ag Groups Want RFS Waivers Denied

Source: By WNAX • Posted: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Several agricultural and renewable fuel groups along with members of Congress have expressed dissatisfaction with the EPA over granting of Renewable Fuel Standard waivers to a number of refiners. National Farmers Union’s Biofuels Advisor Anne Steckel says the most recent request came not from small refiners but from two of the largest, Chevron and Exxon. She says that goes against the intent of Congress.

She says her group has sent a letter to President Trump and the EPA administrator outlining their concerns.

Steckel says President Trump is hearing the message of renewable and agricultural groups opposed to granting of the RFS waivers and that’s part of the reason he said he wants the RVP lifted to offer year round sale of E15…

Earlier last week, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley along with other Senators wrote to the President and the EPA Chief about their opposition to the RFS waiver granting.