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Governors' Biofuels Coalition
Call Administrator McCarthy October 26, 2013


As you know, a draft of the U.S. EPA’s proposed RFS targets for 2014 was released two weeks ago. The targets were part of EPA’s draft regulations that will soon be officially submitted for approval to the White House Office of Management and Budget before the proposed rules are published in the Federal Register for public comment. The proposed RFS targets call for an unacceptably steep drop in both conventional and advanced ethanol: 15.21 billion gallons of renewable fuel, well below the 18.15 billion required by the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act.

If approved, the proposed targets would represent official recognition by the Administration of the blend wall — the term used to refer to the 10 percent level of saturation that critics use to limit the amount of ethanol that can be blended in today’s gasoline.

Despite the daily cacophony of lies and misrepresentations about the RFS and ethanol generally, those of us who worked on drafting the RFS, and who nurtured its passage and implementation, know that it was never the legislative intent to allow EPA, as the administrator of the RFS, to take any action that would reduce the market for ethanol. It is the intent of the RFS to replace as much petroleum as possible with clean, low carbon, renewable ethanol. It’s the law.

I urge you to ask your governor to call Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the EPA, and ask that she not propose regulations whose RFS targets are wrong and which will have a very negative impact on the future of the nation’s ethanol industry and the nascent cellulosic industry. Administrator McCarthy’s phone number is 202-564-4700.

I’ll be glad to provide additional background information you or your governor might need to craft your message to Administrator McCarthy.

As always, thank you for all your support.

Larry Pearce, Executive Director