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NEWS UPDATE November 21, 2011

Bill Gates says U.S. clean energy spending should equal defense outlay

Lauren Morello, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted November 21, 2011

The United States should spend as much on clean energy research as it does on health and defense research, Microsoft founder Bill Gates says.
“There really is no other choice,” Gates wrote in an editorial published yesterday in the journalScience. “Carbon-based fuels are prone to wild price gyrations and are causing the planet to overheat.” [ read more … ]

Cellulosic ethanol won’t reach first-generation price until 2020 — study

  •  E&E  •  Posted November 21, 2011

Even with subsidies, ethanol made from crop waste or wood chips won’t be competitive with fuel made from corn until 2020 at the earliest, which is at the tail end of the most optimistic industry predictions, a new study said this week. [ read more … ]

Report debunks myths about ethanol

MICHAEL VAUGHAN  •  Globe and Mail Update  •  Posted November 21, 2011

The Conference Board of Canada has produced a report that blows away some of the long-held objections to ethanol. [ read more … ]

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