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NEWS UPDATE April 28, 2015

OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Energy chief sees room to work with GOP

By Timothy Cama and Devin Henry, The Hill  •    •  Posted April 28, 2015

MONIZ HAS HIGH HOPES: Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Monday that he hopes President Obama and the GOP-controlled Congress can come to terms on a whole slate of issues before Obama’s term expires. Moniz hopes to find Republican cooperation on government funding for infrastructure when he takes the administration’s case to lawmakers on Tuesday, as well as climate change and Iran, where he’s been a member of the team negotiating a nuclear deal. [ read more … ]

Majority of voters support the RFS — industry poll 

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted April 28, 2015

A majority of both Democrats and Republicans said they supported the RFS, according to the poll. Democrats showed the greatest support, with 65 percent saying they were in favor of the RFS compared to 57 percent of Republicans. The survey found that 18 percent of voters said they opposed the renewable fuel standard, while 20 percent said they had no opinion. [ read more … ]

Study: Ethanol’s impact extends beyond fuel 

By Tom Doran, Field Editor, Agrinews  •    •  Posted April 28, 2015

The renewable fuels industry continues to have a far-reaching positive economic impact on the Midwest and nation. A study, conducted by ABF Economics and released by the Renewable Fuels Association, revealed the U.S. ethanol industry experienced a record-breaking year in 2014 when industry output was increased an estimated 7.4 percent to a high of 14.3 billion gallons. The ethanol industry was responsible for 83,949 direct jobs and 295,265 indirect and induced jobs and added $52.7 billion to the national GDP, $26.7 billion to household incomes and $10.3 billion in taxes, which help stimulate the national, state and local economies, the study found. [ read more … ]

Counterpoint: E15 good for car owners and environment

By Joel Hennen, Chicago Sun Times  •    •  Posted April 28, 2015

have been hearing a lot of talk about E15, the auto fuel that’s 15 percent ethanol. Unfortunately, I’ve heard a lot of misinformation during the debate about the Chicago Clean Air Choice Ordinance, which would free Chicago fuel retailers from the oil industry’s burdensome restrictions, allowing them to sell E15. As a retailer who has been selling E15 for a year, I know firsthand the benefits it has for the environment, consumers and retailers like me: it’s cleaner, it’s cheaper, and it gives drivers and retailers more options. [ read more … ]

Editorial: Don’t require E15 ethanol pumps at city gas stations

By Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board  •    •  Posted April 28, 2015

That position was supported last week by an analysis from Steffen Mueller, principle research economist at the Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It concluded Illinois could reduce carbon pollution by up to 663,646 tons per year by giving motorists access to such fuels as E15. But while ethanol is cleaner when it comes out of tailpipes, it requires plenty of land, water and energy to produce. Last year, the Canada-based Institute for Sustainable Development estimated the overall carbon dioxide and climate impact of biofuels was about the same as for petroleum. [ read more … ]

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