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NEWS UPDATE April 17, 2015

June trade mission will take Ricketts to EU nations

By Russell Hubbard / World-Herald staff writer  •    •  Posted April 17, 2015

The EPA recently settled the latest lawsuit over RFS, one brought by oil companies, said Paul Argyropoulos, a senior policy analyst at the EPA. Under the terms, EPA will propose blending levels for 2015 by June 1 and release a final rule outlining the volumes for 2014 and 2015 by the end of November. The EPA department that directly works on RFS standards, Argyropoulos said, has about 10 people out of the 15,000 or so working at the federal agency. “We are not your opposition,” Argyropoulos said. “We are trying to work with everybody. We believe in renewable fuels.” [ read more … ]

Ethanol Advocates ‘Encouraged’ After Clinton Expresses Support for Renewables

By Ari Natter, Bloomberg BNA  •    •  Posted April 17, 2015

“Home-grown biofuels can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and cut greenhouse gas emissions,” Clinton said in 2008 during a visit to a Pittsburgh gas station, according to a transcript archived by the University of California. “Rapid growth of corn ethanol production capacity in recent years and emerging technology that will enable production of ethanol and other biofuels from a range of biomass sources indicate the potential of biofuels to displace a significant amount of gasoline.” [ read more … ]

EIA Predicts Increased Ethanol Production Through 2040

By Gary Truitt, Hoosier Ag Today  •    •  Posted April 17, 2015

In the reference case, ethanol consumed in motor gasoline and E85 is expected to increase from 1.12 quadrillion Btu in 2013 to 1.27 quadrillion Btu in 2040, an annual growth rate of 0.5 percent. Motor gasoline consumption is expected to decrease from 16.36 quadrillion Btu in 2013 to 12.96 quadrillion Btu in 2040, an annual growth rate of -0.9 percent. Of that volume of motor gasoline consumption, the EIA’s reference case predicts the share of E85 will increase from 0.02 quadrillion Btu in 2013 to 0.28 quadrillion Btu in 2040, a 10 percent annual growth rate. [ read more … ]

Support for carbon tax reaches almost 70% 

Evan Lehmann, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted April 17, 2015

A large majority of Americans support taxing carbon emissions, according to polling results released yesterday, and favorability rises to two-thirds if the tax is used to send money back to households. The survey by Stanford University and Resources for the Future also found that efforts by environmental organizations to increase urgency around climate change by pointing to extreme weather isn’t working, and neither are efforts to erode people’s belief in global warming by questioning the science. “There is really no evidence here at all that the disinformation campaign has successfully, dramatically reduced confidence in environmental scientists,” said Jon Krosnick, a Stanford professor who oversaw the poll. [ read more … ]

Advanced Ethanol Council’s Coleman discusses EPA timeline for RFS volume targets 

By Monica Trauzzi, E&E  •    •  Posted April 17, 2015

Is U.S. EPA’s move to finalize its 2014 and 2015 renewable fuel standard targets by Nov. 30 a signal from the agency that it will work to address broader issues with the RFS swiftly? During today’s OnPoint, Brooke Coleman, executive director at the Advanced Ethanol Council, talks about the impact of EPA’s update on biofuels producers. He also addresses disagreement within the biofuels community on whether a legislative “fix” to the RFS is appropriate. [ read more … ]

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