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NEWS UPDATE April 2, 2015

Ethanol industry continues to evolve as usage levels off

By Loretta Sorensen, Midwest Producer  •    •  Posted April 2, 2015

Kansas Corn CEO Greg Krissek said there is some slowing of ethanol production on the eastern and western edges of the cornbelt. But ethanol industry leaders are responding to market conditions by implementing new technology and finding added income streams from ethanol byproducts. “Ethanol is still a strong market for corn producers,” Krissek said. “Typically, during the summer driving season, ethanol demand rises. Although current ethanol production in Kansas is slow, I’m aware of two Kansas plants building renewable diesel facilities and another one that’s added an additional feed co-product. Diversifying revenue streams will help ethanol facilities spread their risk if product demand decreases.” [ read more … ]

It doesn’t really matter what you believe’ — former TVA chairman talks of life after fossil fuels 

Edward Klump, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted April 2, 2015

“Let me just remind you that we have an uninvited guest in this room that’s sitting next to each and every one of you and hovering over you — and she is called Mother Nature,” Freeman, a former chairman at the Tennessee Valley Authority, told a crowd here. “And it doesn’t really matter what you believe; she’s here, and she will dominate the energy policy of this country for the rest of your life,” he said. [ read more … ]

Rand Paul finds a biofuels proposal he can get behind

By BURGESS EVERETT and DARREN GOODE, Politico  •    •  Posted April 2, 2015

As he prepares to launch his presidential campaign next week, Rand Paul is looking to broaden his appeal to Iowa’s homegrown biofuel industry by co-sponsoring an ethanol-friendly bill with the state’s popular senior senator, Chuck Grassley. Backing the measure gives Paul a way to appeal to Iowa’s alternative energy sector, while not compromising his free-market ideology when he barnstorms the state next week as part of his expected presidential kick-off. [ read more … ]

EU reaches tentative cap on food-based biofuels -sources

By Barbara Lewis, Reuters  •    •  Posted April 2, 2015

The European Union reached a tentative deal on Wednesday on a 7 percent limit on how much crop-based biofuel can be used in the transport sector, EU sources said. The agreement on a legal text, thrashed out by representatives of the European Commission, the parliament and member states follows years of argument on traditional biofuels, which were once seen as environmental, but are now considered to do more harm than good. [ read more … ]

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