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NEWS UPDATE December 8, 2014

Nebraska Pushes Back Against EPA

By Attorney General Jon Bruning’s Office, NBC Nebraska  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

Attorney General Bruning announced Nebraska is joining the State of Kansas, the Energy Future Coalition and the Urban Air Initiative in challenging a rule regulating vehicle emissions adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA’s challenged rule, MOVES 2014, defies logic by forcing states to discourage ethanol use in the name of improving air quality. MOVES 2014 was adopted without notice or the opportunity for public input. “Once again, EPA is using flawed science to burden Nebraska,” said Attorney General Bruning. “I stand with Nebraska Corn Farmers and Ethanol Producers in opposing this unlawful attack on our agricultural industry.” [ read more … ]

Nebraska challenges EPA policy

By the Lincoln Journal Star  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

Attorney General Jon Bruning said Friday that Nebraska will challenge a vehicle emissions policy adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency. Nebraska is joining the state of Kansas, the Energy Future Coalition and the Urban Air Initiative in opposition. Bruning called EPA’s policy “flawed science to burden Nebraska.” He said he would stand with Nebraska corn farmers and ethanol producers in opposing “this unlawful attack on our agricultural industry.”
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Air chief to face questions about agency’s RFS backpedal 

Robin Bravender, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

House lawmakers will press U.S. EPA’s air chief for answers on Wednesday about the agency’s decision to punt on its legally mandated renewable fuel standard. EPA sparked criticism last month when it failed to finalize a delayed rule mandating the amount of renewable fuel required in petroleum-based gasoline and diesel. [ read more … ]

Reid to senators: Brace for long week

By Ramsey Cox, The Hill  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) warned senators that this week could be a long one. “Next week could be a long, long week spilling into the next week,” Reid said on the Senate floor Thursday night. “We have imperative things we have to do.” The Nevada lawmaker said the Senate has to pass a government funding bill and a defense spending measure before adjourning for the year. He also said he hopes to pass a tax extenders package, but he wasn’t sure if that would be possible.The House passed the National Defense Authorization Act and a one-year retroactive tax extension bill this week, but still has to pass the “cromnibus” — legislation that will prevent a government shutdown after Dec. 11. [ read more … ]

Ethanol production in US approaches milestone at warp speed

By Jordan Godwin, The Barrel Blog, Platts  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

By the Platts model, margins have nearly doubled from 2013, averaging roughly 95 cents/gal on the year through November for a typical Midwest dry-mill plant with an annual capacity of 50,000 gal/yr. Extremely cheap corn prices coupled with handsome returns in the spot market to line producers’ pockets, and more and more companies are jumping back on the ethanol bandwagon.
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Chicago City council to consider mandating oil blend with 15% ethanol

BY SARAH JINDRA, WGN-TV  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

The Chicago city council will consider an ordinance mandating the blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent oil, or E-15, this week. The ordinance says any gas station that sells more than 850,000 gallons of gas a year and has the underground storage tanks necessary for E-15 would have one year to put E-15 in at every fueling station, in place of the mid grade fuel. It would be 53 percent of the 470 stations in Chicago. [ read more … ]

Chicago City Council ethanol bill has been a bounty for lobbyists 

By Hal Dardick, Chicago Tribune  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

Major U.S. industries have lined up heavy hitting lobbyists over influential Ald. Ed Burke’s proposal to require scores of Chicago gas stations to offer fuel with higher levels of ethanol. The battle has been brewing for months, pitting big agriculture against big petroleum, with tens of thousands of dollars going to city lobbyists and publicity campaigns. It could come to a head Monday, when Burke plans to call for a vote on the proposal during a meeting of the Finance Committee that he chairs, his spokesman said.
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Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General

By ERIC LIPTON, New York Times  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

The letter to the Environmental Protection Agency from Attorney General Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma carried a blunt accusation: Federal regulators were grossly overestimating the amount of air pollution caused by energy companies drilling new natural gas wells in his state. But Mr. Pruitt left out one critical point. The three-page letter was written by lawyers for Devon Energy, one of Oklahoma’s biggest oiland gas companies, and was delivered to him by Devon’s chief of lobbying. [ read more … ]

Report on rail car retrofits pegs $5.3 B cost to ethanol in 2019

By Susanne Retka Schill, Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted December 8, 2014

A new report prepared by economic research firm The Brattle Group showed that the proposed Department of Transportation rule on rail tank cars could cost the economy as much as $60 billion and projected costs for the ethanol industry will increase by nearly $5.3 billion in the industry’s peak impact year of 2019. Prepared for the Railway Supply Institute, “A Review of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s Draft Regulatory Impact Analysis” studies PHMSA’s draft regulatory impact analysis in depth, finding multiple flaws in the agency’s benefit-cost analysis. [ read more … ]

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