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NEWS UPDATE December 5, 2014

Reid indicates Senate might not pass House tax extender bill

By Ramsey Cox, The Hill  •    •  Posted December 5, 2014

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday night that the Senate might not be able to pass the House tax extenders bill before the end of the year. Reid said it was “imperative” for the Senate to pass a government funding bill and a defense spending measure before adjourning for the year, but that senators would have to wait and see if a tax deal makes it to the floor. [ read more … ]

Ethanol Recovering From Four-Year Low Thanks to Exports

By Mario Parker, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted December 5, 2014

The U.S. is adding ethanol to the list of fuels it dominates in world markets.

Exports of the additive derived from corn rose 31 percent this year to the highest level since 2011, meeting demand from South Korea to Persian Gulf oil producers. The growth in sales follows a tripling of gasoline and diesel exports since 2009. While the shale-oil boom created a stream of refined products flowing overseas, the ethanol surge is being driven by record crops. The U.S. is producing about 66 million metric tons more corn than a decade ago, almost as much as the rest of the world will export this year. Global demand for U.S. ethanol is helping ward off a glut after the government eased obligations to blend the fuel with gasoline. [ read more … ]

U.S. oil reserves hit 1975 levels, gas reserves set record — EIA 

Jenny Mandel, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted December 5, 2014

New U.S. oil and gas resources and a rebound in natural gas prices last year combined to push the nation’s proved oil and gas reserves to new highs in 2013, the Energy Information Administration announced today. Proved gas reserves went up 9.7 percent to reach a record 354 trillion cubic feet (tcf) at the end of 2013, EIA said in a new report, while proved crude oil and lease condensate reserves rose 9.3 percent to 36.5 billion barrels. [ read more … ]

First E15, E85 ethanol gas pumps come to Florida

By Jason Cook, The News-Press  •    •  Posted December 5, 2014

The fuel customers had the option of getting between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. earlier this week was E15, which is 15 percent ethanol, and E85, which is 85 percent ethanol, Walk said. While the E15 could go in most any post-2001 car, the E85 worked best in “flex fuel” vehicles, whose engines are designed to utilize the ethanol-based fuel properly. Walk said his company’s job is to get ethanol from the “corn belt” of the country to places without it, which include Florida. About a half-dozen similar stations are being developed on the state’s east coast. [ read more … ]

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