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NEWS UPDATE November 5, 2014

Amid logjam, energy issues stand as potential bright spot

By Nick Juliano, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted November 5, 2014

The tax landscape is similarly uncertain. The House has voted to make permanent just a few of the perennially expiring breaks known as “tax extenders,” such as the research and development tax credit, and GOP leaders there say they would like to end most of the incentives that are typically combined in an extenders package. In the Senate, Democratic leaders are pushing for a broader bill that won bipartisan support in the Finance Committee to continue all of the extenders through the end of next year, including provisions for renewable energy and biofuels. [ read more … ]

GOP wave keeps incumbents safe, flips blue-state seats

Robin Bravender, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted November 5, 2014

The Senate wasn’t the only place where the GOP had a good night. Most eyes yesterday were on high-profile Senate races in the midterm election that handed Republicans the reins in the upper chamber of Congress. But Republicans also had a surprisingly good night in 36 gubernatorial elections, where a spate of close races fell in their favor. High-profile GOP governors in states including Florida, Maine and Wisconsin clinched second terms, after polls showed tight races leading up to Election Day. The GOP also made some surprising gains by snagging seats that had been held by Democrats, including in blue states Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. [ read more … ]

Auto industry paper supports UAI concerns on EPA ethanol testing

By Urban Air Initiative, Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted November 5, 2014

The growing movement to call out the U.S. EPA for its ethanol emissions testing procedures picked up support today as a new study from the Society of Automotive Engineers called the agency’s approach flawed. The SAE Paper echoed concerns raised by Urban Air Initiative and the Energy Future Coalition in a recent analysis of EPA models that determine emissions from various fuel blends. The practice of “match blending” produces skewed results that the authors contend produces emission increases that are “incorrectly attributed to ethanol”. [ read more … ]

Ethanol Coalition: Auto Engineers Expose EPA’s Oil Bias

By Andy Eubank, Hoosier Ag Today  •    •  Posted November 5, 2014

“We applaud these Ford, General Motors, and AVL Powertrain engineers for exposing that EPA’s MOVES model is biased in favor of a result oil companies prefer and ignores the way gasoline is blended with ethanol in the real-world,” said [ACE Executive Vice President Brian] Jennings. “This is just the latest example of how Big Oil is twisting EPA’s arm to limit ethanol use. First, it appears EPA is about to completely rewrite the Renewable Fuel Standard to help oil companies avoid their legal responsibility to blend fuels, like E15 and E85, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now, EPA is relying on a biased approach for estimating tailpipe emissions, remarkably making gasoline appear cleaner than ethanol.” [ read more … ]

Archer Daniels Sees Corn-Based Ethanol Business Staying Strong

By JACOB BUNGE, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted November 5, 2014

Archer Daniels Midland Co. expects its corn-based ethanol business to remain strong in the year ahead despite sliding energy prices that have cut into profit margins, executives said Tuesday. Strong demand over the summer for ethanol and low corn prices translated to the best profit margins in years for U.S. ethanol makers, helping ADM—one of the world’s largest traders and processors of agricultural commodities—increase third-quarter profits by 60%. [ read more … ]

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