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NEWS UPDATE August 22, 2014

King of the Netherlands to attend Iowa ethanol plant opening

Associated Press  •    •  Posted August 22, 2014

The king of the Netherlands plans to visit Iowa next month to attend the grand opening of a northern Iowa ethanol plant co-owned by a Netherlands-based company. Willem-Alexander says he will take part in the Sept. 3 grand opening ceremony at the Project Liberty cellulosic ethanol plant in Emmetsburg and tour the facility. The $250 million project is a joint venture of Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based ethanol-maker POET and Royal DSM, a biotechnology company based in the Netherlands. The plant will produce 25 million gallons a year when fully operational. [ read more … ]

Royalty to attend opening of cellulosic ethanol plant

Christopher Doering, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted August 22, 2014

The opening of the Poet-DSM cellulosic ethanol plant in Emmetsburg next month will have a flyover, entertainment and lunch – and now a touch of royalty has been added to the festivities. Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, King of the Netherlands, will attend the opening of the facility on Sept. 3, Poet-DSM said in a statement Thursday. [ read more … ]

U.S. biodiesel industry suffers as biofuel rule delays drag on

 BY AYESHA RASCOE, Reuters  •    •  Posted August 22, 2014

Nearly nine months behind schedule, 2014 targets from the Environmental Protection Agency could arrive in September at the earliest. In the meantime, biodiesel producers have been squeezed by falling prices, as refiners and blenders delay purchases until they see a final mandate. Debate about the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard has mostly focused on ethanol. But the smaller biodiesel industry has arguably been hurt more by proposed production cuts, said Anne Steckel, vice president of federal affairs at the National Biodiesel Board. [ read more … ]

EPA trumpets ‘considerable gains’ in curbing toxic emissions

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted August 22, 2014

U.S. emissions of air pollutants linked to cancer, asthma and other serious health problems have plunged over the past few decades, according to a report released today by U.S. EPA. Overall, toxic air pollution from smokestacks and other stationary sources has declined 1.5 million tons each year between 1990 and 2012, while emissions from motor vehicles and other moving pollution sources have been cut in half each year during that time, EPA said. [ read more … ]

Iowa’s support for renewable fuels confirmed with new poll

Donnelle Eller, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted August 22, 2014

owa’s support for renewable fuels has been officially confirmed: 77 percent of registered voters surveyed said they support expanding the federal Renewable Fuel Standard to increase biodiesel in the fuel supply. Sixty-nine percent said a congressional candidate’s support for the mandate was an important factor in their voting decisions, the Iowa Biodiesel Board said today. [ read more … ]

10 Questions for the Iowa Senate Candidates

By JOHN HARWOOD, New York Times  •    •  Posted August 22, 2014

The Iowa Senate race is one of a handful that will decide whether Republicans or Democrats control the Senate for the last two years of President Obama’s tenure. The race to succeed retiring Senator Tom Harkin, a Democrat, pits Bruce Braley, a Democrat who is currently in the United States House, against Joni Ernst, a Republican state senator. [ read more … ]

BP-DuPont venture eyes 2016 isobutanol production

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted August 22, 2014

A joint BP PLC-DuPont Co. venture has launched the first stage of a project to retool a corn ethanol plant to produce a new alternative fuel. The joint venture, Butamax, began running a separation technology at the ethanol plant in Lamberton, Minn., that will make it easier to produce isobutanol. The plant will use a fermentation process similar to that used by ethanol producers, but its new product will have a higher energy content and not be as corrosive as ethanol. [ read more … ]

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