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NEWS UPDATE August 15, 2014

Shifting Climate Has North Dakota Farmers Swapping Wheat For Corn

by JOHN YDSTIE, NPR  •    •  Posted August 15, 2014

Overall, climate change is predicted to hurt agriculture around the world. It could even threaten corn production in the Corn Belt. But in North Dakota conditions are now better for raising corn, and that’s a big benefit for farmers. When I was growing up in Wolford, N.D., up near the Canadian border, wheat was king. It had been the dominant crop since the prairie was first plowed in the late 1800s. So it was kind of strange to go back this summer and find Larry Slaubaugh, a local farmer, filling his 18-wheeler with corn from a huge steel grain bin.
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Iowa’s Corn Farmers Learn To Adapt To Weather Extremes

by JOHN YDSTIE, NPR  •    •  Posted August 15, 2014

Climate change is creating all kinds of challenges and opportunities for business. One of the sectors that feels the effects most immediately is agriculture. Already, weather patterns are making it more challenging to raise corn — even in Iowa — in the middle of the Corn Belt. [ read more … ]

Biofuels Will Not Solve 2014 Grain Glut

BY Dana Blankenhorn, The  •    •  Posted August 15, 2014

As we noted Wednesday, falling grain prices are hitting the farm belt hard and it’s difficult to find many winners in the carnage. The last time we had a glut like this one there was a major correction in stock prices — but correlation is not causation. Two things happened to end the last glut. First, there was an expansion in the use of biofuels,mostly ethanol made from corn, from 880,000 barrels per day in July, 2011 to 963,000 barrels per day by the end of the year [ read more … ]

ICM oversees construction of new ethanol plant in Argentina

BY DAN VOORHIS, THE WICHITA EAGLE  •    •  Posted August 15, 2014

An ethanol plant in Cordoba, Argentina built with oversight and equipment from Colwich-based ICM has officially started operations. The dry-mill corn ethanol plant, owned byACA Bio Cooperative Limitada, has a capacity of 400 cubic meters of grain per day. According to a news release from ICM, the project will contribute economically to the region by providing an alternative use for corn in the area. [ read more … ]

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