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NEWS UPDATE July 16, 2014

Lower prices the selling point for gas with higher ethanol content, but questions remain

By Russell Hubbard / World-Herald staff writer  •    •  Posted July 16, 2014

The important thing, ethanol folks say, is that right now, the higher the ethanol content, the lower the price, even factoring in mileage declines attributable to the lower energy content of ethanol. The federal government says E15 reduces gas mileage by about 5 percent, while ethanol advocates have said it is less than half that. E15 was selling last week at the Lincoln U-Stop at 84th Street and U.S. Highway 6 for $3.42 a gallon, versus $3.47 for E10 and about $4 a gallon for 91-octane gasoline, the only clear gas the station sells. [ read more … ]

All-Biofuels Flights Possible, but Airlines’ Strategy Is More ‘All of the Above’

By Tom Curry, Roll Call  •    •  Posted July 16, 2014

The U.S. airline industry has made a commitment to reduce emissions by moving to using biofuels to supplement and perhaps eventually replace petroleum-based jet fuel. The industry — which accounts for 2 percent of man-made carbon dioxide emissions in this country — has committed to “carbon neutral growth” from 2020 onward. That means after 2020 finding ways to offset emissions even as the airline industry flies more miles and serves a bigger population. So will you be flying from Los Angeles to New York on a biofueled flight in the next 20 years? [ read more … ]

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