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NEWS UPDATE April 7, 2014

Stabenow wants colleagues to ‘hear the positive story about biofuels’

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted April 7, 2014

As the Obama administration weighs lowering the federal renewable fuels mandate, a Senate panel this week plans to bring industry officials to Capitol Hill to highlight accomplishments in advanced biofuels. Senate Agriculture Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said that the purpose of the hearing, which will feature both manufacturers of advanced biofuels and the industries that use the fuels, is to “broadly talk about the exciting things” being done in the biofuels space [ read more … ]

Ethanol makers spar with railroads on hauls

Christopher Doering, Gannett Washington Bureau  •    •  Posted April 7, 2014

The rail industry said movement of rail cars and engines has been slowed by a host of factors: a plentiful agricultural harvest last year, higher coal volumes and the long, cold winter that has reduced the size and speed of the trains that operate. The bottleneck has left ethanol shippers waiting for cars — boosting prices in far-flung areas where the fuel is shipped. Iowa is the country’s largest ethanol producer with 42 refineries capable of producing over 3.8 billion gallons annually. The Energy Department’s statistical arm said Thursday the price premium of ethanol in New York compared with Chicago, close to where the fuel is produced, widened to $1 per gallon early last month from 25 cents in January. [ read more … ]

Senate committee approves tax credit extension package

By Erin Voegele, Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted April 7, 2014

A summary of the Expiring Provisions Improvement Report and Efficiency (EXPIRE) Act published by the committee prior to the April 3 markup session included two year extensions of the $1.01 per gallon production tax credit for cellulosic biofuels, the $1.00 per gallons production tax credit for biodiesel and renewable diesel, and the 10 cent per gallon small agri-biodiesel producer credit. It also provided two year extensions of the 50 cent per gallon alternative fuel tax credit and alternative fuel mixture tax credit, along with a two year extension of the bonus depreciation for cellulosic biofuel facilities. In addition, the 30 percent investment tax credit for alternative vehicle refueling property was assigned a two year extension. [ read more … ]

Health Experts Discuss Health Impacts from Aromatics

Kim Trinchet. Urban Air Initiative,  •    •  Posted April 7, 2014

Urban Air Initiative is pleased that the impact of gasoline aromatics is finally getting the attention it deserves. We now want to know, how much health data is needed before intervention is required? The research makes it clear; something needs to be done about these emissions which impact the air we breathe. UAI believes addressing gasoline quality needs to be the next step. One of UAI’s greatest concerns is that there is little control over consumer gasoline as it relates to gasoline’s ability to form PAH’s which then contributes to UFP formation. We also believe it’s important to ensure that gasoline quality will not continue to degrade and thus increase health related issues. [ read more … ]

25x’25, Energy Future Coalition Commend IPCC Work Group’s Recognition of Role of Bioenergy in Mitigating Climate Change

25×25 and Energy Future Coalition  •    •  Posted April 7, 2014

While the authors note the potential risks if bioenergy crops are pursued without regard to consequences for ecosystems and biodiversity, they also demonstrate in the report a confidence in sustainably developed bioenergy as an important part of a climate change mitigation strategy. The 25x’25 Alliance and Energy Future Coalition agree and note that the magnitude and probability of these risks are mitigated by continuous improvements in feedstock production and conversion technologies and conservation systems that are being adopted across the value chain. [ read more … ]

EPA, oil industry to square off in court over 2013 RFS

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted April 7, 2014

U.S. EPA will defend its 2013 targets for renewable fuels in court Monday against oil industry trade groups and a refinery owned by Delta Air Lines Inc. At issue in the case that combines all the oil industry challenges: Did EPA overshoot the targets, requiring refiners to breach the “blend wall”? The challenge also accuses EPA of breaking the law by releasing a final 2013 renewable fuel standard (RFS) more than eight months after its statutory deadline. [ read more … ]

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