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NEWS UPDATE March 6, 2014

EPA misses chances to encourage E15 and E30

By Daniel Looker, Agriculture Online  •    •  Posted March 6, 2014

EPA also missed a chance to give even higher blends support. The agency didn’t change its stand in its earlier proposed rule on also using a high octane fuel such as E30. Automakers will be able to ask the EPA to use E30 as a test fuel, but only “if they can demonstrate that such a fuel would be used by the operator and would be readily available nationwide” as well as meeting other conditions. That’s a familiar limitation, since the oil industry hasn’t welcomed E10 in the past and some companies have been resisting E15.
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Potential growth in corn used for ethanol production

Agri-View  •    •  Posted March 6, 2014

It has been argued that corn consumption during the current marketing year appears to be more responsive to lower prices than generally anticipated, particularly in the export market. According to a University of Illinois agricultural economist, the responsiveness reflects not only lower corn prices in absolute terms, but also in relation to the price of other feed ingredients. [ read more … ]

Cellulosic ethanol requires efficiently collecting corn stover bales

By Andrea Johnson, For Midwest Producer  •    •  Posted March 6, 2014

Corn stover experts have found ways to reduce the cost of bringing corn stover from the field to cellulosic ethanol plants. A study conducted by DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol and Iowa State University was able to reduce the cost of moving corn stover from $91 per ton to $52 per ton – a reduction of about 43 percent. The cost of $91 per ton represented the equivalent of over $1 per gallon of ethanol – just for the feedstock logistics cost. [ read more … ]

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