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NEWS UPDATE February 11, 2014

McCarthy Highlights Economic Threats From Inaction On Climate Change

Amanda Palleschi, Inside EPA  •    •  Posted February 11, 2014

She said reducing greenhouse gas emissions needs to be done “without sacrificing our reliable, affordable energy system. And we need to do it with every sensitivity to workers that have brought energy to American families. It’s not just about jobs, it is about communities where those workers live and we need to be sensitive to those issues as we struggle to find the right solutions moving forward,” McCarthy said. [ read more … ]

AGRIBUSINESS: Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Prepares To Begin Production

WHO-TV, Des Moines  •    •  Posted February 11, 2014

“We’ve spent six years studying what really is the right amount of biomass to take off of the field. And what are the implications of what you do take off. So we feel comfortable where we’re at. Probably conservative, which is a good place to be. But thus far we’ve seen no negative impacts of the content of the soil and certainly that’s an important factor considering we’re right in the heart of the corn belt,” says Potas. [ read more … ]

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