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NEWS UPDATE January 23, 2014

Ethanol Advocates Join for Hearing in Des Moines

By Aaron Hepker, AP  •    •  Posted January 23, 2014

Politicians and other supporters of ethanol production will speak at a daylong hearing in Des Moines prompted by a proposed reduction in the amount of ethanol that must be blended with gasoline. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad organized the hearing, which will begin Thursday morning and stretch into the afternoon.
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Ethanol trade groups expects significant changes to EPA ethanol proposal

by Christopher Doering, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted January 23, 2014

“I do expect there to be significant changes to the final rule, “ Dinneen said without providing details. He said he does not believe the Obama administration has wavered in its support for biofuels or rural America. [ read more … ]

Biodiesel plants idled by industry head winds

Written by Donnelle Eller, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted January 23, 2014

Both renewable fuel proponents and opponents are heavily lobbying the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the amount of ethanol and biodiesel that must be blended in the nation’s fuel supply. The EPA stops taking public comments Tuesday. Gov. Terry Branstad and other state leaders are holding a public hearing today, beginning at 8:30 a.m., at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates. [ read more … ]

With appeal rejected, industry may ask Supreme Court to review Calif. fuel standard

Jeremy P. Jacobs, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted January 23, 2014

“We hold that the Fuel Standard’s regulation of ethanol does not facially discriminate against out-of-state commerce, and its initial crude-oil provisions … did not discriminate against out-of-state commerce in purpose or practical effect,” Judge Ronald Gould wrote at the time. [ read more … ]

Brown targets drought, gasoline consumption in State of the State speech

Debra Kahn, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted January 23, 2014

“California gasoline consumption has been declining steadily for each of the past seven years,” said Catherine Reheis-Boyd, president of the Western States Petroleum Association. “We need breakthrough technologies like low-carbon cellulosic ethanol, produced at commercial scale. Despite early promise, those breakthroughs are proving more difficult to achieve than originally thought.” [ read more … ]

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