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NEWS UPDATE January 15, 2014

Branstad – in Condition of State Address – says “Iowa is Working”

by William Petroski, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted January 15, 2014

He took special aim at plans by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the level of biofuels outlined in the Renewable Fuels Standard, saying the rule would represent a “devastating setback” for Iowa agriculture. He noted that a public hearing will be held later this month to give Iowans an opportunity to voice their concerns, and he called upon state lawmakers – as their first order of business – to pass a resolution in support of maintaining a robust Renewable Fuels Standard [ read more … ]

Governor Branstad Stands Up for Ethanol

CBS2/FOX28  •    •  Posted January 15, 2014

At the Governor’s Condition of the State Address, one of the major issues he addressed was proposed changes in ethanol usage.
“Iowa is working,” said Governor Branstad. The hope is to keep it that way. But one place where growth might be in danger is ethanol production which would affect corn prices. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing a new rule that would decrease the amount of ethanol required to be in gasoline. [ read more … ]

Podesta pledges ‘leadership role’ on climate, energy

Robin Bravender, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted January 15, 2014

Just a week into his new job at the White House, John Podesta made a public vow today to play a leading role in shaping the Obama administration’s climate and energy policies.
“The president asked me to return to the White House,” the former Clinton administration chief of staff said, to work with top officials “to both ensure the implementation of the Climate Action Plan that you’ve heard about and to push forward with great vigor to transform our economy — one that’s inefficient, high-carbon-based — to one that’s low-carbon-based and is building sustainability, and to do it with the resolve that we have to build more resilience into the economy overall. [ read more … ]

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