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NEWS UPDATE January 10, 2014

Opportunities in sight amid biofuel attacks

By Tim Krohn, Mankato Free Press  •    •  Posted January 10, 2014

Although positive about an expanding market for biofuels, the panel repeatedly said farmers and other supporters need to contact the EPA and their members of Congress urging them not lower ethanol-blend requirements as proposed by the EPA. “Big oil has had their voice heard. Now you have to make sure you have your voice heard,” Poster said [ read more … ]

Obama launches sweeping quadrennial energy review

Robin Bravender, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted January 10, 2014

President Obama yesterday formally kicked off a sweeping report that’s intended to be a road map for the nation’s energy goals for years to come. Obama signed a memorandum directing agencies to get to work on the Quadrennial Energy Review, a four-year policy plan that’s part of the broader climate change plan he announced in June.
Obama directed an interagency task force to deliver the first report to him by Jan. 31, 2015, and he directed subsequent reports to be prepared for the president every four years thereafter. The first QER will focus on the development of a national strategy surrounding energy infrastructure. [ read more … ]

Commentary: Congress Should Reject RFS ‘Reform’

By Hugh Welsh, Roll Call  •    •  Posted January 10, 2014

The early petroleum industry lost a battle to protect its lucrative business of selling kerosene for lighting as electricity took its place. Gasoline, a byproduct of kerosene, moved to center stage as a transportation fuel. At the time, the new Model T’s could run on ethanol or gasoline. Ethanol was widely available because local shops and family farms often ran their own stills. Henry Ford figured ethanol would become the transportation fuel of choice, but then came the Prohibition movement and 18th Amendment. Drawing support from John D. Rockefeller, the measure had killed off ethanol as a car fuel by the time it was repealed in 1933. [ read more … ]

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