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NEWS UPDATE January 6, 2014

Industry faces bleak 2014 with expired tax credit, low RFS target

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted January 6, 2014

Even as they close out the year with record production levels, biodiesel makers are facing an uncertain year at best in 2014. Producers will begin the year without their tax credit, a $1-a-gallon production incentive that has spurred the expansion of facilities and new participants entering the market. The measure is set to expire along with a raft of other renewable energy incentives Dec. 31. [ read more … ]

In remarks sure to inflame GOP, ex-official asserts on ’60 Minutes’ that clean tech is ‘on life support’

Emily Yehle, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted January 6, 2014

Clean technology is “on life support,” according to the Energy Department’s former undersecretary of science, who conceded the point last night in a segment on “60 Minutes” that declared the sector all but dead. The piece, reported by CBS’s Lesley Stahl, asserted that the Obama administration has put more than $100 billion into an industry that is failing — a view shared by many congressional Republicans. [ read more … ]

DOE yanks funding for Miss. cellulosic project

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted January 6, 2014

The Department of Energy has pulled funding from an advanced biofuel facility in Mississippi after the company, BlueFire Renewables Inc., failed to meet deadlines related to financing the remainder of the project. The department informed the company on Dec. 23, 2013, of its decision to halt the $88 million grant, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Friday. BlueFire’s Fulton, Miss., project is one of the first proposed biorefineries in the country that is expected to produce cellulosic ethanol. [ read more … ]

Brazil’s ethanol sector, once thriving, is being buffeted by forces both man-made, natural

By Juan Forero, Washington Post  •    •  Posted January 6, 2014

This should be a golden era here on Brazil’s farming frontier, where some of the world’s biggest corporations have invested billions of dollars in land, equipment and mills to turn sugar cane into ethanol. The allure for these giants is Brazil itself, where most cars are built to run on the biofuel. An even bigger, largely untapped market awaits in the United States, where environmental standards favor cane-based ethanol over corn ethanol. Then there is China, with its growing, formidable fleet of cars. [ read more … ]

From NASCAR to wind power: Congress just let 55 tax breaks expire

BY BRAD PLUMER, Washington Post  •    •  Posted January 6, 2014

It’s tax extender time. This year, Congress let about 55 different tax breaks expire on Dec. 31. The full array includes everything from a credit for corporate R&D to tax relief for underwater homeowners. The list also includes a batch of energy tax breaks, such as a credit for wind farms that generate electricity or a deduction for commuters who take the bus to work. Those are now gone. [ read more … ]

Jet Fuel by the Acre

By TODD WOODY, New York Times  •    •  Posted January 6, 2014

In an unmarked greenhouse, leafy bushes carpet an acre of land here tucked into the suburban sprawl of Southern California. The seeds of the inedible, drought-resistant plants, called jatropha, produce a prize: high-quality oil that can be refined into low-carbon jet fuel or diesel fuel. The mere existence of the bushes is an achievement. [ read more … ]

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