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NEWS UPDATE November 18, 2013

After RFS release, both sides of the debate double down

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted November 18, 2013

Backers and opponents of the renewable fuel standard only vowed to fight harder after U.S. EPA on Friday proposed to lower the federal targets for both corn-based ethanol and advanced biofuels next year for the first time since the standard was put into place. Biofuels supporters viewed the action as a historic retreat from clean energy goals by the Obama administration and an official recognition of what they view as a manufactured “blend wall,” or the point where petroleum refiners say they’re required to blend more ethanol into fuel than is feasible. [ read more … ]

In win for Big Oil, U.S. proposes biofuel mandate cut

BY TIMOTHY GARDNER, Reuters  •    •  Posted November 18, 2013

The Obama administration proposed on Friday slashing federal requirements for U.S. biofuel use in 2014, bowing to pressure from the petroleum industry and attempting to prevent a potential fuel crunch next year. It was the first cut to renewable fuel targets written into a 2007 law, and seen as a clear win for oil refiners and a loss for biofuel producers. It followed a prolonged lobbying blitz on both sides of the issue. [ read more … ]


By GLENN THRUSH, Politico  •    •  Posted November 18, 2013

But the president’s aides didn’t quite see Chu that way. He might have been the only Obama administration official with a Nobel other than the president himself, but inside the West Wing of the White House Chu was considered a smart guy who said lots of stupid things, a genius with an appallingly low political IQ—“clueless,” as deputy chief of staff Jim Messina would tell colleagues at the time. [ read more … ]

Impact of proposed ethanol cutback debated

By Rick Barrett of the Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee JOurnal Sentinel  •    •  Posted November 18, 2013

Wisconsin ethanol producers say a federal government proposal to require almost 3 billion fewer gallons of the corn-based biofuel in gasoline next year could be devastating to grain farmers and the renewable fuels industry. Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency recommended reducing the amount of ethanol that gasoline blenders would have to use in 2014 — saying that nearly all gasoline sold in the U.S. already contains 10% ethanol. [ read more … ]

EPA Proposes Reducing Ethanol Requirements For 2014

  •    •  Posted November 18, 2013

The Environmental Protection Agency today proposed to scale back the amount of renewable fuels in our nation’s gasoline supply, biofuels like ethanol made from corn. The EPA is responding, in part, to oil companies that say they’re already taking as much ethanol as they can. They say any more and it will hurt quality. But there’s another reason for the EPA’s action. As NPR’s Elizabeth Shogren reports, cheap biofuels haven’t been developed as quickly as hoped. [ read more … ]

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