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NEWS UPDATE October 18, 2013

Analysis: Brewing U.S. ethanol legal battle hinges on meaning of ‘supply’

By Cezary Podkul, Reuters, CHICAGO | Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:34pm EDT  •    •  Posted October 18, 2013

The fate of a landmark U.S. requirement to blend increasing amounts of biofuels into the nation’s gasoline pool rests on the meaning of three words tucked into a mammoth law: unless there is “inadequate domestic supply.” But “supply” of what? The law does not say. As a years-long battle over the future of the U.S. fuel supply begins to shift to the courts, the two fierce foes – the biofuel industry and oil refiners – are debating a definition that lawyers say leaves much room for interpretation. [ read more … ]

How the OPEC oil embargo sparked energy independence — in Brazil

Tiffany Stecker, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted October 18, 2013

Forty years ago, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries placed an embargo on petroleum, bringing an oil-addled world to its knees. As oil prices quadrupled, the world panicked. In the immediate aftermath, gas stations closed on Sundays. Small, fuel-efficient cars became popular. The U.S. government initiated the first programs into developing solar power and electric vehicles. And Brazil — a developing country under military dictatorship at the time — began the push for what has become the most successful biofuel industry in the world. [ read more … ]

Oil group threatens lawsuit if EPA misses renewable fuel deadlines

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted October 18, 2013

The oil and gas industry’s leading trade group today warned U.S. EPA that it will sue if the agency does not finalize next year’s renewable fuel targets by Nov. 30. Failure to meet the statutory deadline will result in “real, adverse effects” on the industry, the American Petroleum Institute said in a letter today to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. The trade group said it plans to file a citizen lawsuit in federal court if the agency comes up short. [ read more … ]

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