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NEWS UPDATE January 24, 2012

How will clean energy fare in the State of the Union?

John McArdle  •  E&E  •  Posted January 24, 2012

As President Obama prepares for his third State of the Union address tonight, there’s no longer any question that clean energy will once again play a role in the speech. In recent days, the White House has been openly telegraphing its intent to make clean energy a focus of this year’s address. But what remained unclear yesterday was how high of a billing the issue will get. [ read more … ]

Ethanol maker won’t need U.S. loan guarantee

DAN PILLER  •  Des Moines Register  •  Posted January 24, 2012

Ethanol maker Poet said Monday it will spurn a $105 million federal loan guarantee for its new cellulosic ethanol plant at Emmetsburg after it secured a joint venture agreement with Royal DSM of the Netherlands [ read more … ]

Poet adds Dutch partner to cellulosic ethanol venture

DAVID SHAFFER  •  Minneapolis Star Tribune  •  Posted January 24, 2012

Poet, the largest U.S. ethanol producer, has formed a joint venture with a Dutch enzyme producer to build an ethanol plant fed by cornstalks and cobs rather than kernels. The 50-50 venture with Royal DSM that the companies announced Monday will privately finance a $250 million cellulosic ethanol plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Poet said it will turn down a U.S. Energy Department $105 million loan guarantee approved for the plant last year but not finalized. [ read more … ]

Unlocking Seaweed’s Next-Gen Crude: Sugar

JOSIE GARTHWAITE  •  New York Times  •  Posted January 24, 2012

Seaweed often brings to mind thoughts of surf and sushi, not fuel. But that could change if a biotechnology startup called Bio Architecture Lab succeeds in building a new kind of energy company from designer bacteria and a low-cost process for harvesting seaweed. The key is a genetically modified strain of Escherichia coli bacterium, which can break down the sugars in brown seaweed, or macro-algae, to produce ethanol, according to new research published in the peer-reviewed journal Science. As one of the 14 study authors, BAL’s co-founder and chief science officer, Yasuo Yoshikuni, explained in a telephone interview, “Sugar is the next-generation crude oil — it can go to fuels and chemicals.” BAL’s breakthrough, he says, is about finding a way to “unlock the sugars in seaweed.” [ read more … ]

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