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NEWS UPDATE July 19, 2013

Repealing RFS ‘nothing but short-sighted,’ says Zichal

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted July 19, 2013

Repealing the federal renewable fuel standard would be “short-sighted” and limit the Obama administration’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the president’s top adviser on climate change said yesterday. Speaking to a crowd of mostly biofuels companies in Washington, D.C., Heather Zichal said the administration views biofuels as playing a “very important role” in the climate change strategy recently announced by the administration. She called the renewable fuel standard the “backbone” to building up the domestic biofuels industry. “This program is essential to meeting our goals in energy security, climate change and rural economic development,” Zichal said. “Calls to repeal the renewable fuel standard are nothing but short-sighted.” [ read more … ]

Anti-ethanol ads called misleading

Written by Christopher Doering, Argus Leader  •    •  Posted July 19, 2013

A controversial media blitz in South Dakota and other states by the oil industry attacking the country’s ethanol and renewable fuels policy has drawn the ire of local groups concerned the ads are misleading and should be pulled.
The American Petroleum Institute, which represents 500 oil and natural gas companies, this week launched “Fuel for Thought,” a TV, radio and print ad campaign about the dangers of the Renewable Fuel Standard — an 8-year-old law that requires refiners to produce alternative fuels to help reduce the country’s dependence on foreign energy. [ read more … ]

AAA chapter says oil group’s ad misrepresents ethanol position

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted July 19, 2013

A state chapter of North America’s largest motor club is accusing the oil and gas industry’s largest trade group of misrepresenting its position on ethanol in a new ad campaign seeking repeal of the renewable fuel standard. The television ad by the American Petroleum Institute began airing in several states and Washington, D.C., early this week and features a mechanic discussing the alleged pitfalls of increasing the amount of ethanol in gasoline. The mechanic warns that AAA says too much ethanol could cause engine damage that’s not covered under warranty [ read more … ]

Ethanol coalition’s Jennings says majority of Congress supportive of renewable fuels policy

  •    •  Posted July 19, 2013

As the House and Senate debate the merits of the renewable fuel standard and the impact renewable identification number prices are having on fuels markets, will Congress move to repeal the current RFS? During today’s OnPoint, Brian Jennings, executive vice president at the American Coalition for Ethanol, explains why he believes there is strong support in Congress for maintaining the current RFS. He also discusses how policy uncertainty is affecting his industry’s investments. [ read more … ]

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