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Governors' Biofuels Coalition
NEWS UPDATE November 23, 2011

Industry leader suggests ethanol can compete without U.S. tax credit

Josh Funk  •  E&E  •  Posted November 23, 2011

Adam Monroe, president of Novozymes, a leading maker of the enzymes used to produce biofuels, says that declining support for ethanol subsidies hasn’t ruined long-term prospects for the industry to make competitively priced fuel from plants. [ read more … ]

Livestock Farmers Say Ethanol Eats Too Much Corn

Michael J. Crumb  •  AP  •  Posted November 23, 2011

The amount of corn consumed by the ethanol industry combined with continued demand from overseas has cattle and hog farmers worried that if corn production drops due to drought or another natural disaster, the cost of feed could skyrocket, leaving them little choice but to reduce the size of their herds. A smaller supply could, in turn, mean higher meat prices and less selection at the grocery store. [ read more … ]

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