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NEWS UPDATE February 11, 2013

Corn shortage idles 20 ethanol plants

By Jim Salter | ASSOCIATED PRESS FEBRUARY 11, 2013  •    •  Posted February 11, 2013

The persistent drought is taking a toll on producers of ethanol, with corn becoming so scarce that 20 ethanol plants have halted production. The Renewable Fuels Association, a trade group, provided data showing that of the nation’s 211 ethanol plants, 20 have ceased production over the past year, including five in January. Most remain open, with workers performing maintenance-type tasks. But ethanol production probably won’t resume until after 2013 corn is harvested in late August or September. Industry experts don’t expect a shortage — millions of barrels are stockpiled and the remaining 191 plants are still producing. Still, there is growing concern about what happens if the drought lingers through another corn-growing season. [ read more … ]

Ethanol Plants Idled Since Drought Began

  •  By The Associated Press  •  Posted February 11, 2013

Many U.S. ethanol plants have halted production over the past year, mostly because the drought has made it difficult to get locally produced corn. Most plan to restart, but it may not be until the 2013 corn crop is harvested in September. [ read more … ]

Secretary’s Column: Biofuels Hold Unlimited Opportunity to Grow the Rural Economy

by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, on February 8, 2013  •  By The Associated Press  •  Posted February 11, 2013

At USDA, we’ve made record efforts in the past four years to support homegrown energy. This year, we’re looking ahead to a promising future for biofuels. Biofuels have already contributed a great deal to our economy, to our energy security and to the bottom line on our farms and ranches. Today we’re taking steps to strengthen the biofuels industry and helping innovate the next generation of advanced biofuels. For example, we’ve invested more than $320 million into biofuels research to help accelerate the development of technology needed to take the next big steps.
[ read more … ]

How Brazil Turned Ethanol Into A Unique Success

BY Ryan Villarreal, International Business Times  •  By The Associated Press  •  Posted February 11, 2013

As the U.S. debates the pros and cons of producing more ethanol as fuel for vehicles, those looking for an ethanol success story have a prime example: Brazil, which rose in a few decades to sixth place among the world’s biggest economies thanks in part to the vegetable-derived fuel. Brazil is an anomaly in a global economy fueled by petroleum, having effectively weaned itself off of foreign oil imports by 2006, in part due to the development of its ethanol industry, beginning in the 1970s. [ read more … ]

More major dryness forecast for 2013

  •  By The Associated Press  •  Posted February 11, 2013

Another year of drought in the United States seems likely, according to John Nielsen-Gammon, a state climatologist and Texas A&M University professor. Above-average precipitation could end the current drought, he said, but the forecast isn’t looking good. [ read more … ]

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