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NEWS UPDATE January 21, 2024

Today’s Biofuels News will not publish tomorrow through Friday, January 26.   It resumes on Monday, January 29.

Top Story

EPA sends vehicle emissions reduction plan to White House for review

By David Shepardson, Reuters  •    •  Posted January 21, 2024

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  sent to the White House for review its proposal to finalize sweeping emissions cuts for new cars and trucks through 2032 that could drastically boost electric vehicle sales, a document made public on Friday shows. The EPA in April proposed requiring a 56% reduction in projected fleet average emissions over 2026 model year requirements. A group representing major automakers has called the EPA plan “neither reasonable nor achievable” while environmentalists, electric vehicle maker Tesla (TSLA.O) and many Democratic lawmakers want the agency to finalize tougher requirements. The EPA plans to finalize its new emissions rules by March. [ read more … ]


EPA: 8 New SRE Petitions Filed; 15 SRE Petitions Now Pending

By Erin Voegele, Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted January 21, 2024

The U.S. EPA on Jan. 18 released updated small refinery exemption (SRE) data, reporting that eight new SRE petitions have been filed under the Renewable Fuel Standard in the past month. A total of 15 SRE petitions are now pending.  [ read more … ]


Biofuel, airline group push GREET update

By Agri-Pulse  •    •  Posted January 21, 2024

Sustainable aviation fuel advocates gathered on Capitol Hill Thursday with an urgent message for the Biden administration and Congress. They want to ensure that the administration meets its self-imposed deadline of March 1 to update the GREET model for calculating the carbon intensity of transportation fuels. [ read more … ]

Clean Fuel Standard

Clean fuel standards bill clears first hurdle

By Hannah Grover, New Mexico Political Report  •    •  Posted January 21, 2024

The Clean Transportation Fuel Standards, HB 41, passed  the House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee on a 7-4 party-line vote. It now heads to the House Judiciary Committee.
The bill would require the Environmental Improvement Board to adopt standards that would reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels by 20 percent from the 2018 levels by 2030 and 30 percent by 2040. Those who exceed standards can purchase credits from the clean fuel market. [ read more … ]


Ethanol output idled on disruptions in US natural gas supply

By Kim Chipman and Dominic Carey, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted January 21, 2024

As US energy producers contend with a bitter cold snap, some makers of ethanol are cutting output or idling operations completely due to disruptions in natural gas supplies needed to run the biofuel plants, according to the Renewable Fuels Association. “In some cases, natural gas suppliers have claimed force majeure and are failing to honor fixed contracts, leaving ethanol facilities with no choice but to throttle down or idle,” RFA President Geoff Cooper said. [ read more … ]


Republican at auto show: EVs ‘won’t exist in a few years’

By REBEKAH ALVEY, E&E News  •    •  Posted January 21, 2024

Republican lawmakers strongly pushed back on the Biden administration’s efforts to electrify the automotive industry, with one going so far as to say electric vehicles “won’t exist” in the near future. House lawmakers kicked off the Washington Auto Show in the nation’s capital Thursday with a heated bipartisan debate over the growth of EVs and the policies supporting them. [ read more … ]

Ford Cuts Workforce Making Electric F-150s on Weak Demand

By Keith Naughton, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted January 21, 2024

Ford Motor Co. said that it would reduce the number of workers making its F-150 Lightning truck as demand for electric vehicles continues to weaken. About 1,400 employees will be impacted as the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center transitions to one shift beginning April 1, the Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker said Friday in a statement. The company said it expects continued growth in global EV sales in 2024, though it will be less than anticipated. Last month Bloomberg reported that Ford would cut production goals for the F-150 EV in half this year. [ read more … ]

Off Topic

Whatever happened to Clean Air Frank?

By Robin Bravender, E&E News  •    •  Posted January 21, 2024

If an environmental reporter needed a pithy quote on deadline sometime from former President Bill Clinton’s first term into the Trump administration, there’s a decent chance they dialed up Clean Air Frank. For decades, Frank O’Donnell — a television reporter turned clean air advocate — was an institution among Washington’s environmental advocates and a media favorite. [ read more … ]

Note: News clips provided do not necessarily reflect the views of coalition or its member governors.