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NEWS UPDATE November 19, 2023

Top Story

DeSantis says he’ll protect federal ethanol mandate despite previous push to end it

By Amanda Rooker, KCCI  •    •  Posted November 19, 2023

Florida Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is promising to support renewable fuels if elected president, despite repeated attacks from former President Donald Trump surrounding the corn-based fuel ethanol. During the Iowa GOP’s Lincoln Dinner last July, Trump told the Des Moines crowd, “Ron DeSantis is aggressively pushing against ethanol, which I think would be devastating.” [ read more … ]


Ethanol Industry Looking for Permanent Fix for Year-around E-15

By Brownfield  •    •  Posted November 19, 2023

The ethanol industry is focused on finding a permanent solution for year-round E15 in 2024. American Coalition for Ethanol CEO Brian Jennings tells Brownfield Congress continues to work on legislation to remove outdated EPA regulations that prohibit the sale of E15 during the summer. “The trick would be can we find a way to attach it to a must-pass vehicle between now and the end of the year, knowing there are very few legislative days (and) know there are very few legislative vehicles moving.” [ read more … ]


I’m a Climate Scientist. I’m Not Screaming Into the Void Anymore.

By Kate Marvel, New York Times  •    •  Posted November 19, 2023

Our report, which was released on Tuesday, contains more dire warnings. There are plenty of new reasons for despair. Thanks to recent scientific advances, we can now link climate change to specific extreme weather disasters, and we have a better understanding of how the feedback loops in the climate system can make warming even worse. We can also now more confidently forecast catastrophic outcomes if global emissions continue on their current trajectory. But to me, the most surprising new finding in the Fifth National Climate Assessment is this: There has been genuine progress, too. [ read more … ]

Mead Ethanol Plant

AltEn Cleanup Ongoing, Lawsuit Slows

By Todd Neeley, Progressive Farmer  •    •  Posted November 19, 2023

Environmental cleanup at the plant entered a new phase this past summer when a company hired by a coalition of seed companies conducted a pilot project to study the feasibility of moving 115,000 tons of wet cake, a byproduct that contains high levels of pesticide residue, to a landfill. The wet cake, also known as “mash,” is located on 16 acres at the northwest corner of the ethanol plant property 40 miles north of Lincoln. [ read more … ]


Biden unlikely to meet 2050 net-zero goal for transportation

By Mike Lee, E&E News  •    •  Posted November 19, 2023

The Biden administration’s plans to curb emissions from cars and trucks will go a long way toward eliminating climate-warming pollution from transportation. But as designed, they won’t completely eliminate those emissions by 2050, researchers said — leaving the White House short of its long-range goal of zeroing out that pollution by midcentury. [ read more … ]

Legal showdown looms over EPA smog-fighting plan

By Sean Reilly, E&E News  •    •  Posted November 19, 2023

Any time EPA mounts a fresh “good neighbor” crackdown on the perennial problem of state-hopping smog pollution, a barrage of legal attacks is a given. But in the latest go-round, the agency faces a novel and unprecedented onslaught of litigation that is already undercutting its ability to curb emissions tied to a lung-damaging pollutant particularly harmful to children. And while the Supreme Court weighs bids for a nationwide stay on implementation of the EPA blueprint, another high-stakes clash looms early next month. [ read more … ]


US hydrogen tax credit rule could slip into 2024 amid debate over its design -sources

By Jarrett Renshaw, Reuters  •    •  Posted November 19, 2023

The Biden administration could push the release of a highly anticipated rule guiding the use of clean hydrogen tax credits into next year as Treasury officials struggle to resolve disputes between environmentalists and the industry over how “green” to make the incentive, according to two sources familiar with the administration’s plans. Treasury officials were expected to release the rules for the hydrogen production tax credit – one of the most generous in President Joe Biden’s landmark bill – by the end of the year, but internal squabbling over its design has some officials signaling to stakeholders a release as late as March. [ read more … ]

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