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NEWS UPDATE November 5, 2023

Top Story

How Midwest Landowners Helped to Derail One of the Biggest CO2 Pipelines Ever Proposed

By Kristoffer Tigue, Inside Climate News  •    •  Posted November 5, 2023

“This has absolutely ruined my retirement,” Campbell remembers thinking. Anxiety gave way to anger as she imagined a backhoe tearing up the beets, peppers and other vegetables growing in the quarter-acre garden that she and her husband had spent years cultivating. But Navigator’s executives couldn’t have known who they were dealing with. A distinguished research professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Campbell had spent her life combing through complex health studies and thwarting deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies from bringing potentially dangerous drugs to market. Within months, she had helped birth a formidable opposition campaign to the pipeline. [ read more … ]

Carbon Capture

Growth Energy Combats State of Washington Perception of Ethanol’s Lifecycle Emissions

By Todd Neeley, Progressive Farmer  •    •  Posted November 2, 2023

As more states adopt low-carbon fuel standards and cap-and-trade programs, the U.S. ethanol industry continues to fight what they believe is the use of outdated lifecycle emissions data in setting many of those policies. In the latest fight, the state of Washington is implementing what it calls a cap-and-invest program that ethanol interest group Growth Energy said in a letter is wrought with misconceptions and outdated information on ethanol’s CO2 emissions profile. [ read more … ]

Mead Ethanol Plant

Court: Co. Not Liable in Mead Cleanup

By Todd Neeley, Progressive Farmer  •    •  Posted November 5, 2023

A federal judge in Nebraska ruled one of the business entities connected to a company that owned and operated a now-closed ethanol plant in the state will not be held responsible for paying to help in an ongoing environmental cleanup. U.S. District Judge Brian C. Buescher, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska, dismissed claims that Gubbels Ventures LLC should in part be held liable for cleanup costs. Bayer U.S. LLC had asked the court to require Gubbels to help pay for cleanup at the defunct ethanol plant. [ read more … ]


Shapiro Orders New Controls on the Oil and Gas Industry in Pennsylvania, Targeting Methane Emissions and Drilling Chemicals

By Jake Bolster, Inside Climate News  •    •  Posted November 5, 2023

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro announced on Thursday that the state Department of Environmental Protection would take part in a “groundbreaking collaboration” with a natural gas driller and more broadly impose new requirements on the oil and gas industry for “controlling” methane emissions and compelling disclosure of all chemicals used to drill for fossil fuels.  The new requirements stem from the findings of a grand jury investigation, completed in 2020, which concluded that state agencies failed to protect Pennsylvanians from the “inherent risks” of unconventional gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing technology, or fracking. Shapiro, a Democrat elected governor in 2022, oversaw the grand jury in his previous role as the state’s attorney general.   [ read more … ]


In a Warming World, Clean Energy Stocks Fall While Oil Prospers

By Jeff Sommer, New York Times  •    •  Posted November 5, 2023

If the planet is to avoid even more severe consequences from global warming, the world’s leading energy agency says, consumption of oil, coal and natural gas needs to be reduced much more rapidly, and clean energy sources like wind and solar power need to expand at a far faster pace. But the stock market doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. [ read more … ]


House sends Interior-EPA bill off to uncertain future

By Michael Doyle, Kevin Bogardus  •    •  Posted November 5, 2023

The House on Friday morning approved a fiscal 2024 Interior-Environment appropriations package that now appears headed for Capitol Hill limbo even though lawmakers fended off numerous efforts to sharpen the bill’s partisan edge. Following several days of wide-ranging debate and wrangling over more than 100 amendments, the GOP-controlled House approved the $25.4 billion bill by a 213 to 203 margin. Three Republicans voted against the bill, and one Democrat voted for it. The overall bill that funds the Interior Department, EPA and some related agencies provides 35 percent less than the fiscal-2023-enacted level. [ read more … ]

Republican climate bill looks to spark carbon tariff talks

By Emma Dumain, E&E News  •    •  Posted November 5, 2023

Senators of both parties say they want to begin more serious discussions around a bipartisan framework for imposing fees on carbon emissions-heavy industrial and energy imports. The turning point, they say, is the introduction of legislation from Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), which marks the very first time a Republican has put forward a formal, fleshed-out policy proposal in this arena. [ read more … ]


Electric Planes, Once a Fantasy, Start to Take to the Skies

By Niraj Choksh. Photographs by Tony Cenicola, New York Times  •    •  Posted November 5, 2023

Chris Caputo stood on the tarmac at Burlington International Airport in Vermont in early October and looked to the clouds in the distance. He had piloted military and commercial aircraft over a long career, racking up thousands of flight hours, but the trip he was about to take would be very different. That’s because the airplane Mr. Caputo would fly runs on batteries. Over the next 16 days, he and his colleagues flew the plane, a CX300 built by their employer, Beta Technologies, down the East Coast. They would make nearly two dozen stops to rest and recharge, flying through congested airspace in Boston, New York, Washington and other cities. [ read more … ]

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